Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions
Published  2017-01-12   

The General Conditions are the basis for the use of the SPINDOTS Platform, considering that it is mandatory to read and accept all users registered on the platform or accessing this website.


General Conditions

1. Terms of Use

  1. The information provided in this area establishes the general terms and conditions that are subject to the use of the SPINDOTS Platform owned by SPINDOTS, Lda., Hereinafter referred to as "SPINDOTS Platform", as well as any content made available therein.
  2. These conditions of use are automatic and fully applicable to any person, collective or individual, who accesses the SPINDOTS Platform, being irrelevant the purpose - mere use, consultation, research or registration - that motivated such access.
  3. The management and management of the SPINDOTS Platform is the responsibility of SPINDOTS, Lda. (Hereinafter referred to as SPINDOTS), which has the right at any time to modify or update these conditions of use without prior notice, and it is therefore advisable its periodic reading.
  4. The present conditions of use do not prejudice the application of the relevant legal rules or other conditions that are defined by SPINDOTS for access and / or use of specific services or contents of the SPINDOTS Platform.
  5. Due to the full application of the present conditions of use, in case the registered user / entity does not agree at any time with any of its terms, it should immediately cease its use of the SPINDOTS Platform and request the deletion of its data.
  6. For any questions regarding the conditions of use, the registered user / entity should contact SPINDOTS services through the contacts defined in the page dedicated to the SPINDOTS Platform itself.


2. Management and Conditions of Registration

  1. SPINDOTS manages and manages the SPINDOTS Platform in order to provide any entity registered in the platform (private and corporate users, manufacturers / distributors of products, service providers and retailers) with a set of functionalities to promote its products and / or services).
  2. Home users or companies that register on the SPINDOTS Platform, in accordance with the procedures and rules applicable to such functionality, will be solely responsible for the reliability, correctness and updating of all the information made available. SPINDOTS secures the security and confidentiality of such data in the terms and conditions of its privacy policy available for viewing on SPINDOTS Platform's own page.
  3. Registration of any user on the SPINDOTS Platform does not grant you any right of exclusivity or ownership over any component of the platform or the information it produces.
  4. The SPINDOTS Platform is based on an Electronic Platform for Management of Promotions and Discounts made available by Companies to Private Users. The Private User understands and agrees that SPINDOTS does not form part of any contractual relationship subsequently established between Users. SPINDOTS has no control over the conduct of the Companies and other users of the platform, disclaiming any liability in this respect to the fullest extent permitted by law.


3. Obligations of private users

  1. Maintain the secrecy and non-transferability of the User Name and Password, private key or other secret codes, and ensure their non-communication, copying or disclosure, regardless of the medium used.
  2. Communicate, within a maximum of 24 hours, the unlawfulness that you have become aware of, loss, transmission or any violation of your User Name, Password, private key, any other secret code or any data you undertake not to disclose.


4. Obligations of Business Users (manufacturers / distributors of products, service providers and retailers)

  1. The use of the electronic platform within the scope of the agreed or subscribed services, with the indications and technical procedures issued by the SPINDOTS Platform.
  2. Maintain correct and updated the list of users, namely being responsible for the assignment of accesses, and their levels of privileges, as well as for any changes thereof, and for the inhibition of access, especially in case of termination of relationship between the Business Entity and its users of the electronic platform.
  3. Not to publish, send or transmit through the electronic platform illegal, defamatory or misleading information.
  4. Use access to the services or information contained in the electronic platform in compliance with published terms and conditions of use and with respect for the law, in particular the rights of personality and intellectual property, as well as the principles of public order, good customs and good practices commercial purposes.
  5. Do not use any technology that allows attempts to access encrypted or protected channels, sections, communications or documents.
  6. Do not jeopardize network security, in particular by sending or transmitting viruses, worms or other bugs.
  7. Not to disclose the content, conditions, technical procedures or documentation delivered by the SPINDOTS Platform or by SPINDOTS, directly or indirectly related to the service rendering agreement.
  8. Do not resell, or in any way, reproduce the information consulted or accessed without authorization and indication or express reference to the electronic platform.
  9. Maintain the secrecy and non-transferability of the User Name and Password, private key or other secret codes, and ensure their non-communication, copying or disclosure, regardless of the medium used.
  10. Communicate, within a maximum of 24 hours, the unlawfulness of which you have become aware, loss, transmission or any violation of your User Name, Password, private key, any other secret code or any data you undertake not to disclose.
  11. Provide free of any liability and in accordance with legal or other applicable regulations, the content of the advertisements (banners, buttons or other), brands, logos or other highlights to publish and that are the responsibility of the Business Entity, reserving itself the SPINDOTS Platform the right to immediately withdraw such content from its electronic platform, and especially by means of a judicial decision or equivalent decision taken by a competent entity for that purpose.


5. Intellectual and Industrial Property

  1. Users acknowledge that the SPINDOTS platform is owned by SPINDOTS Lda. And contains confidential information and protected by copyright and related rights, industrial property rights and other emerging from other applicable legislation, if applicable.
  2. Users acknowledge that any content appearing on the site, including advertising, highlighting, promoting or mentioning any business user, advertiser or Partner, is protected by copyright and related rights, industrial property and other copyright laws. property, and therefore any use of such content may only occur under the express authorization of the respective owners of the rights conferred by this legislation.
  3. The User undertakes to respect in full the rights referred to in the preceding paragraphs, in particular by refraining from performing any acts that may constitute a violation of them, such as reproduction, marketing, transmission or placement to the public of the contents or any other acts, unauthorized, that have them object or about them.
  4. If Users detect any act that may constitute an infringement of intellectual, industrial or other rights, they must inform SPINDOTS through the contact form provided on the site.
  5. Registered users may not, in any way, copy, import, use or exploit, directly or through third parties, any of the elements made available on the SPINDOTS Platform, whether for commercial use or not, without the prior written authorization of SPINDOTS or of the third-party holder of such rights.


6. Security

  1. Any attempts to change content, upload information, unauthorized access or any other action that may cause damage and jeopardize the integrity of the SPINDOTS Platform are strictly prohibited and may be punished in accordance with current legislation.
  2. SPINDOTS shall have the right, at any time and without prior notice, to take all necessary steps, including restrictions or limitations on access, to ensure the integrity and security of the SPINDOTS Platform or to prevent loss, misuse or alteration of content there.


7. Disclaimer of Liability

  1. SPINDOTS will use its best efforts to ensure that all information made available on the SPINDOTS Platform is up-to-date, accurate and complete and will attempt to correct any errors that are duly communicated to you. However, SPINDOTS cautions that the information available on the SPINDOTS Platform: (i) is not necessarily exhaustive, current and accurate; (ii) is sometimes linked to external Internet sites over which SPINDOTS has no control or liability in accordance with paragraph 8 below.
  2. Any information made available or accessible on the SPINDOTS Platform shall not be construed as advice or recommendations and, even if considered by competent administrative or jurisdictional entities, SPINDOTS does not accept or accept, in any case, liability for any direct damages and / or losses or indirect damages suffered by users as a result of their use. In any case, the information available in the SPINDOTS Platform should be understood as generic and non-binding indications.
  3. In addition to the foregoing, the content and functionality made available and accessible on the SPINDOTS Platform shall not be construed as establishing a contractual relationship between you and SPINDOTS or any company in your universe, in whatever form it may assume.
  4. SPINDOTS is not yet responsible for the accuracy, quality, safety and legality, including compliance with rules regarding the protection of intellectual property rights or related rights, with respect to the contents, information, products or services contained in the SPINDOTS Platform that have been supplied or available from other organizations, advertisers or partners.
  5. It is SPINDOTS's goal to minimize any inconvenience caused by technical errors or failures. However, certain information or other content contained in the SPINDOTS Platform may have been created or developed in files or formats that are not free of errors, with the result that it is not possible to guarantee non-interruption or non-disturbance of access to this site. SPINDOTS does not accept any liability arising from any problems attributable to third parties that block, limit or prevent access to or use of the SPINDOTS Platform.
  6. It is the sole responsibility of the registered user / entity to use content made available or downloaded by or through the SPINDOTS Platform, SPINDOTS not being responsible for any damages and / or losses, including the loss of data and information, resulting from its use. If you are in doubt as to the compatibility or genuineness of such content you should not download or use it and may contact SPINDOTS services through the contacts provided on the page itself.
  7. If the information in the SPINDOTS Platform diverges to some extent from the official information provided by SPINDOTS in paper format, the latter will prevail.


8. Links or Hyperlinks - Hypertext Links

  1. SPINDOTS is not responsible, in any way, for the reliability, quality or correctness of any content made available on Internet sites to which it refers to hyperlinks of the SPINDOTS Platform, also called links or hyperlinks, not even for the definition and fulfillment of the practices of privacy practices adopted at such sites.
  2. SPINDOTS does not exercise any control over the contents, products and services offered on third-party pages to which SPINDOTS Platform users are redirected, and the conditions applicable to such activities, including the fulfillment thereof, are the sole responsibility of such third parties.
  3. SPINDOTS will not be liable, directly or indirectly, if such hyperlinked sites on the SPINDOTS Platform do not comply with legal and / or regulatory provisions, applicable within or outside the European and of the consequences of their infringement.


9. GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation (REGULATION (EU) 2016/679)

  1. The Platform respects the legislation in force in Portugal that regulates the maintenance of personal data.
  2. The mere act of registration and the use of the Platform by any user represent their express consent to the availability of the data they register to the entities with which they relate in the Platform, and only to those.
  3. By means of the registration act you consent to SPINDOTS being able to communicate with you through any of the communication channels available to it.
  4. You may withdraw your Consent directly from the Platform at an appropriate location. If the user withdraws the consent in relation to his personal data, it is considered that he is immediately prevented from using the platform, and his personal data will be marked for elimination evaluation. If it is confirmed that the deletion request is genuine, it will be deleted immediately.


10. Applicable law

  1. The management, administration and use of the SPINDOTS Platform is exclusively applicable to the Law of the Portuguese Republic.


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