The 1st Social Discount Network
SPINDOTS is the 1st SOCIAL DISCOUNT EXCHANGE NETWORK that integrates consumers, brands and retailers in the same Digital Platform.
SPINDOTS comes to solve your card overdose problem. No longer need to miss the best deals by forgetting your expiration date. They are always present in your Digital Wallet.

Now you just need to manage your Digital Wallet for Discounts!

By joining the platform, you can follow your favorite brands and accumulate discounts for free.

These will constitute your Discount Portfolio, based entirely on your wishes and interests duly expressed.

The brands give
Friends offer and exchange
Community offers and exchanges

Aren't you going to use the discount?
Any friend want it?
You can offer it!

Want to buy?
Want more discounts?
No friend offers you?
You can exchange!

Unique Advantages
  • You have free access to a network of accelerated growth promotions and discounts
  • You can manage your discount portfolio in one place
  • You can maximize the enjoyment of the discounts you really want and value
  • You can build, maintain and manage your purchasing interests and wishes.
  • You can find what you want most when you actually want to buy it
  • You can request and issue discount vouchers for rebate at points of sale in an independent and autonomous way
  • Maintain permanent contact with your favorite brands and stores
  • Strengthen relationships with your friends with similar desires and buying interests
  • Acquire new friends through the usufruct of the exchange network
  • Can be invited to various types of brand promotion activities
  • Receive alerts of news, interests and approximation of the limit of validity of promotions in wallet
  • ... and much more will be briefly put at your disposal!