Should I join?
What you need to know about the SPINDOTS Platform
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Do I need to have Offer Codes to join the Platform?

No! You can register freely even without Offer Codes. When you successfully complete your registration, you can follow Companies (Be Fan) and soon start receiving Offers, Promotions and Discounts.

How much does it cost to join the Platform?

The platform does not represent any cost for the private users who will be able to enjoy all the available functionalities and discounts offered by the business entities, in criteria that are the sole responsibility of these entities.

How do I register on the Platform?

PRIVATE USER must perform the following steps:

  • Register as PRIVATE USER (CONSUMER) in the Platform following the defined steps
  • After you have registered as a USER, enter your Account with the email and password that you registered. Then you must fill in the fields with the requested information and preferences so that it is possible to start receiving the discounts according to your wishes and interests
  • Select the business users (manufacturers / distributors of products, service providers and retailers) that you want to follow and from which you will receive discounts and promotions
  • Read and accept the Disclaimer / Confidentiality Agreement and Protection of Personal Data
  • Start using the SPINDOTS Platform according to the features available (eg, invite friends, offer and exchange discounts, rebate discounts, etc.)

Who will have access to the data of the PRIVATE USERS?

The SPINDOTS platform respects all the legislation in force in Portugal that regulates the maintenance of databases. Registration data for Private Users will never be disclosed by SPINDOTS unless expressly permitted by SPINDOTS Platform. The principle of using the Platform is that each user is sovereign with respect to their registration data and explicit preferences and can modify them at any time.

How and where can I complain if I have a problem with the product / service I purchased with a discount promoted on the platform?

The responsibility for the campaigns and discounts offered are the promoters themselves (Business Users). Complaints regarding campaigns, brands, stores and products should be made directly with them, and for this, contact the respective promoter. However, you can always report these situations directly on the SPINDOTS platform in a form provided for this purpose.

Is the platform secure?

The SPINDOTS platform has been developed in accordance with the standards and good practices defined by the Interactive Advertising Bureau ( regarding data security and advertising standards. In this sense, the personal data is not shared or sold, being housed only in SPINDOTS servers. Campaigns made by Business Users are the responsibility of the same.